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Discover new places, plan and organize your trips, blog your travel experiences and share your travel pictures and videos with your friend and followers.

The Social Network for Overlander

overlander.net is a global community created and fostered by travelers around the globe


Collaborate & Connect

We enable our members to connect with their friends and followers. Increasing engagement and retention, and gather feedback by valuable discussions.

Share your experiences and post latest travel pictures, travel documents or videos.

Ongoing activities by other members can be easily followed and viewed by our community feed to keep an overview about hot topics and trends.



Collaborate and participate in public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listing.


Discussion Forums

Discuss your travel experiences and get advice from other travellers. Members can ask questions, exchange ideas and engage in discussions.



Finding a safe and beautiful place to stay overnight or discovering the top attractions in unknown regions can be exhausting. To give you some hints, we offer our directory showing best places near by your location.

Furthermore you can submit your own places, rate and review listings sharing them with the community.



Our event management module supports our members easily to meet with other travellers or discovering workshops, seminars or trade shows next to you.

As an event organizer you can promote your event to the whole community and realize a great happening.