Our Story


Constantly getting to know exciting places, foreign cultures and people strengthens tolerance, understanding and empathy in all of us. overlander.net connects like-minded travelers who believe in our mission and share our values.

Who We Are

After numerous exciting and challenging trips of Jens and Agnes, the first travel blog was quickly created to share experiences and memories with relatives and friends back home. Quickly the travel blog grew bigger and bigger and there were several technical implementations over the time.

Due to travel restrictions during Corona, we used the time to start overlander.net to stay in touch with other travelers and share experiences.

So overlander.net is made by travelers for travelers and informs and inspires the community with reliable information and experiences from travelers who have been there and had those experiences themselves.

Our main goal is to collaborate and share experiences within the global travel community.

Our Mission

We have a clear mission at overlander.net: We are the social network by and for overlanders worldwide.

Running our own niche community portal as opposed to using already existing large social networks without a theme ensures that on the one hand very themed content and members come together and on the other hand all personal data will not be shared or even sold to third parties! We will not at any time evaluate personal information to create personal profiles or the like, which will then be sold to advertising companies, for example.

Of course we have to pay the bills for the servers and the software needed to run overlander.net. We therefore appreciate any paid membership that supports the community-oriented Overlander network.

Overall, we believe that responsible travel makes the world a better place!